Post-nominal Letters - Examples


Examples of post-nominal letters:

  • A Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire is authorised to use the post-nominal KBE.
  • A Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts is authorised to use the post-nominal FRSA.
  • A Fellow of the American Institute of Architects is authorised to use the post-nominal FAIA.
  • An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh is authorised to use the post-nominal FRSE.
  • A Doctor of Philosophy is authorised to use the post-nominal PhD (or, in some cases, DPhil).
  • A Franciscan friar (the Order of Friars Minor) uses the post-nominal OFM and a Jesuit (Society of Jesus) uses SJ; a Dominican uses OP (from Order of Preachers); most other Catholic religious institutes have specific post-nominal letters.
  • A professional municipal manager or administrator who has been designated as a "Credentialed Manager" by the International City/County Management Association is authorised to use the post-nominal ICMA-CM.
  • A Member of the British Association of Social Workers uses the post-nominal MBASW.
  • Graduates from British universities may add post-nominal letters, usually in parentheses, after those indicating their degree to show which university granted the degree. For example, a graduate of the Open University can use (Open), Queen's University (SQ), Durham University (Dunelm), University of Exeter (Exon), University of Newcastle upon Tyne (N'cle), University of Aberdeen (Aberd), Cranfield University (Cran), University of London (Lond), University of Cambridge (Cantab), Royal Agricultural College (MRAC), and University of Oxford (Oxon), University of Dublin (U. Dubl.) For example, John Smith BA (Cantab) or Peter Pan BSc (Open). In the United States, one may indicate one's major field in parentheses (e.g., PhD (Astrophysics)), but this is rarely seen except on resumes or applications for employment.

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