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Popular Episode Guide

Guest Topic Air Date
Stephen Pinker The Decline in Violence Feb 18, 2013
Paul Krugman Science and Pseudoscience in Economics Jan 28, 2013
David Brin Uplifting Existence Dec 17, 2012
Oliver Sacks Hallucinations Nov 5, 2012
Lisa Randall Knocking on Heaven’s Door October 8, 2012
Temple Grandin The Science of Livestock Animal Welfare Aug 27, 2012
Cara Santa Maria Talk Nerdy to Us June 11, 2012
Lawrence M. Krauss A Universe from Nothing February 06, 2012
Brian Greene The Fabric of the Cosmos January 02, 2012
Daniel Dennett The Scientific Study of Religion December 12, 2011
Austin Dacey Rock the Theocrats September 26, 2011
Neil deGrasse Tyson Communicating Science February 28, 2011
John Shook The God Debates October 15, 2010
Adam Savage Skeptic July 09, 2010
S.T. Joshi Fright and Free thought May 28, 2010
Scott Lilienfeld Real Self-Help March 19, 2010
Andrew Revkin The Death of Science Writing, and the Future of Catastrophe March 12, 2010
Chris Hedges I Don’t Believe in Atheists May 02, 2008
Lawrence M. Krauss Seducing for Science December 28, 2007
Paul Kurtz Ethics for the Nonreligious December 21, 2007
Richard Dawkins Science and the New Atheism December 07, 2007
Neil deGrasse Tyson Communicating Science to the Public November 16, 2007
Michael Behe The Edge of Evolution November 09, 2007
Steven Pinker The Stuff of Thought October 26, 2007
Alan Dershowitz Blasphemy October 05, 2007
Dr. Francis Collins The Language of God August 31, 2007
Carol Tavris Mistakes Were Made August 03, 2007
Ophelia Benson Why Truth Matters July 20, 2007
Philip Kitcher Living with Darwin July 13, 2007
Christopher Hitchens God Is Not Great July 06, 2007
Natalie Angier The Canon June 29, 2007
Tom Clark Encountering Naturalism June 22, 2007
Matthew C. Nisbet Selling Science to the Public April 20, 2007
Steven Pinker Evolutionary Psychology and Human Nature February 23, 2007
Barbara Forrest The Wedge of Intelligent Design February 16, 2007
Peter Singer The Way We Eat February 09, 2007
Neil deGrasse Tyson Death by Black Hole January 25, 2007
Ann Druyan Carl Sagan and The Varieties of Scientific Experience January 05, 2007
Susan Blackmore In Search of the Light December 15, 2006
Richard Dawkins The God Delusion October 16, 2006
Sam Harris Letter to a Christian Nation October 06, 2006
Ann Druyan Science, Wonder, and Spirituality September 15, 2006
Neil deGrasse Tyson The Sky Is Not the Limit August 17, 2006
Thomas Kida Don't Believe Everything You Think July 14, 2006
James Randi Science, Magic, and Future of Skepticism June 30, 2006
Tom Flynn The Rise of the Non-Religious June 23, 2006
Eugenie Scott Evolution vs. Religious Belief? April 28, 2006
Sam Harris The Mortal Dangers of Religion April 14, 2006
Sam Harris The End of Faith April 07, 2006
Jamy Ian Swiss Psychics, Science, and Magic March 24, 2006
Daniel Dennett Breaking the Spell March 03, 2006
Richard Dawkins The Root of All Evil? February 10, 2006
Eugenie Scott The Dover Trial: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design January 20, 2006
Max Maven Magic and Skepticism January 13, 2006

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