In broadcasting, playout is a term for the transmission of radio or TV channels from the broadcaster into broadcast networks that delivers the content to the audience. Those networks can consist of terrestrial transmitters for analogue or digital radio and TV, cable networks or satellites (either for direct reception, DTH, or intended for Cable television headends).

The playout happens in master control in a playout area, which can be either situated in the central apparatus room or in purposely built playout centres, which can be owned by a broadcaster or run by an independent specialist company that has been contracted to handle the playout for a number of channels from different broadcasters.

Some of the larger playout centres in Europe, South-east Asia and the United States handle well in excess of 50 radio and TV "feeds". Feeds would often consist of several different versions of a core service, often different language versions or with separately scheduled content, such as local opt outs for news or promotions. There are many Playout service companies, several with a global reach. Such companies include Chello Media (DMC Amsterdam), Encompass Digital Media (inc Ascent), Ericsson (inc Technicolor), Globecast, SES Platform Services, WRN Broadcast, Arqiva, Red Bee Media and many smaller localised companies.

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