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History of Phytolith Research
... phase of research (1895–1936) Phytolith structures in plants gained wide recognition and attention throughout Europe ... Detailed notes and drawings on plant families that produce silica structures and morphology within families were published ... Classification systems for differentiation within plant families became popular ...
Silky Sifaka - Behavior
... It is highly varied and includes many plant species ... that the silky sifaka can feed on as many as 76 species of plant from 42 families ... The most prominent plant families in the diet were Moraceae (20.30%), Fabaceae (12.87%), Myrtaceae (12.65%), Clusiaceae (10.13%) and Apocynaceae (9.49%) ...
Lemur - Behavior - Diet
... the larger species are more herbivorous, consuming mostly plant material ... assumption in mammalogy is that small mammals cannot subsist entirely on plant material and must have a high-calorie diet in order to survive ... Plant material makes up the majority of most lemur diets ...
Seed Functions - Seed Dormancy
... result in the death of all offspring of a plant (bet-hedging) ... same as seed persistence in the soil or on the plant, though even in scientific publications dormancy and persistence are often confused or used as synonyms ... Plant families where physical dormancy occurs include Anacardiaceae, Cannaceae, Convulvulaceae, Fabaceae and Malvaceae ...

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    Children from humble families must be taught how to command just as other children must be taught how to obey.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Plant melons, harvest melons; plant beans, harvest beans.
    Chinese proverb.