Pirate Radio - Examples of Known Pirate Radio Stations

Examples of Known Pirate Radio Stations

  • Point Neemo FM, Plastic Beach,
  • Voice of Peace, Israel (Pirate Ship)
  • Radio First Termer, Saigon, Vietnam 1971
  • Free Radio Santa Cruz California, USA
  • Berkeley Liberation Radio California, USA
  • Laser 558
  • Radio Caroline South, United Kingdom
  • Radio Jackie, United Kingdom (Now licensed and legal)
  • Radio Caroline North, United Kingdom
  • Radio Scotland, United Kingdom (1960's Pirate Ship)
  • Radio North Sea International
  • Radio 270, United Kingdom
  • Swinging Radio England, United Kingdom
  • Britain Radio, United Kingdom
  • Radio City, United Kingdom
  • Radio 390, United Kingdom
  • Radio Mercur, Denmark
  • Radio Milinda, Dublin
  • Radio Veronica
  • Thameside Radio London
  • Rinse FM, London (Gained a licence in 2010)
  • Wonderful Radio London, United Kingdom
  • Dread Broadcasting Corporation, London's first black music radio station.
  • Citizens Radio 102.8 FM, Hong Kong
  • Ke Huelga Radio 102.9 FM (southern Mexico City)
  • Freelance Radio 91.3 FM (Harare, Zimbabwe)
  • Radio Hauraki, New Zealand
  • Dznutts Radio 91.3 FM (Vallejo, Ca USA)

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