"Phasing" redirects here. For the compositional technique in which a repetitive phrase is played on two musical instruments in steady but not identical tempo, see Phasing (music).

A phaser is an electronic sound processor used to filter a signal by creating a series of peaks and troughs in the frequency spectrum. The position of the peaks and troughs is typically modulated so that they vary over time, creating a sweeping effect. For this purpose, phasers usually include a low-frequency oscillator.

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Phased Adoption
... Phased adoption is a strategy of implementing an innovation (i.e ... processes, etc.) in an organization in a phased way, so that different parts of the organization are implemented in different subsequent time slots ... Other concepts that are used are phased implementation, phased conversion, phased approach, phased strategy, phased introduction and staged conversion ...
Phased Array Ultrasonics
... Phased array ultrasonics (PA) is an advanced method of ultrasonic testing that has applications in medical imaging and industrial nondestructive testing ... Single-element (non-phased array) probes, known technically as monolithic probes, emit a beam in a fixed direction ... In contrast, the beam from a phased array probe can be moved electronically, without moving the probe, and can be swept through a wide volume of material at high speed ...
SAS Group - Fleet
4 4 Airbus A340-300 7 ... Boeing 717-200 9 ... Boeing 737-400 2 ... to be phased out Boeing 737-500 6 ... to be phased out Boeing 737-600 28 ... Boeing 737-700 20 ... Boeing 737-800 20 ...
List Of Magic: The Gathering Keywords - Keywords From Expert-Level Expansions (mechanics) - Phasing
... Cards with the status "phased out" are treated as though they do not exist except for cards that specifically interact with phased-out cards ... turn, all permanents the player controls which have phasing become "phased out", along with anything attached to the phasing cards ... Any cards the player controls which were phased out become "phased in" and return to the battlefield at the same time ...
Chevron Corporation - Marketing Brands - Fuel Additives
... Techron—Chevron, Texaco (phased in during 2005), Caltex (phased in during 2006 and later) Clean System 3—Texaco (phased out during 2005 in favor of Techron) ...

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    It will be a pity if women in the more conventional mould are to be phased out, for there will never be anyone to go home to.
    Anita Brookner (b. 1938)