Perplex City

Perplex City was a long-term alternate reality game (ARG) presented by Mind Candy, a London-based development team. The first "season" of the game had players looking for "The Receda Cube" (referred to simply as "The Cube"), a priceless scientific and spiritual artifact to the people of a fictional metropolis known as "Perplex City", that had been stolen and buried somewhere on Earth. The game offered a real-life £100,000 reward (approx. $200,000 or €150,000) to whoever found it. Like most alternate reality games, the story of Perplex City is told through blogs, puzzles, and other various media.

The game began in April 2005, and was won by Andy Darley of Middlesex, UK, who found The Cube in a wood in Northamptonshire, UK on 2 February 2007.

According to Mind Candy, the first wave of cards for the new game season, called Perplex City Stories would be released on March 1, 2007. However, in June 2007, they released an announcement which declared that the second season was on indefinite hold.

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... Perplex City is notable within the ARG field for charting new water with a unique business model ... subscription-based ARG run by Electronic Arts, which had a poor commercial reception.) Perplex City aims to become a truly self-supporting venture by selling the collectible ... On September 7, 2006, Mind Candy announced that GameStop was to begin carrying Perplex City cards in 700 stores in the United States ...
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... This began the first, non-replayable, 'episode' of Perplex City Stories ... Gustaffsen and Cassia, one of the newer puzzle scribes at the Perplex City Academy, had informed Violet that their mail was being delayed, despite the Perplex City postal service guaranteeing ... By contacting an employee of the Perplex City Post, players gained access to a 'testing' area for the Post ...
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... Perplex City Stories is the planned second season of the popular alternate reality game Perplex City, run by Mind Candy ... On June 1, 2007, it was announced via the main Perplex City Stories homepage that the game was being delayed for an indefinite amount of time, but would certainly be making a return in the future ... The following is taken from the announcement (currently situated at the Perplex City Stories homepage) At Mind Candy we've always believed that a less than ...

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