• (verb): Carry out or perform an action.
    Synonyms: execute, do
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Baillie–PSW Primality Test - The Test
... Optionally, perform trial division to check if the number is not a multiple of a small prime number ... Perform a base 2 strong pseudoprimality test ... Perform a Lucas pseudoprimality test with discriminant a on n ...
Earl Okin
... During the 1970s, Okin started to perform as support act in large venues, beginning with Folk acts such as Ralph McTell and Fairport Convention, he progressed to open for such varied performers as Jean-L ... He also began to perform in jazz festivals ... that Okin used in his Folk club act, was invited by Nigel Planer to perform at The Comic Strip ...
Humanist Officiant - Role
... Humanist officiants often perform alternative and non-traditional ceremonies in places, and under circumstances where mainstream religious clergy will not ... Many Humanist officiants perform same-sex weddings and commitment ceremonies ... Humanist wedding officiants often perform ceremonies in parks, on beaches, on boats, on hiking trails, in hotels, in banquet halls, in private homes, and many ...
Per Form
... PerForm and PerForm PRO were electronic form programs, initially designed to work under GEM in DOS ... The initial version of PerForm was created in 1988 and was the first product released by Canadian software firm Delrina, which became best known for its later fax software program, WinFax ...
Angela Aki - Career - Debut in Japan
... Aki saw Shiina Ringo's concert in Nippon Budokan Hall, and promised herself she would perform at the same place within three years, even though she was unheard of, had not yet been offered a ... This alerted Nobuo Uematsu to her music, and he asked her to write lyrics and perform the theme song for Final Fantasy XII, "Kiss Me Good-Bye" ... making history there as the first artist to ever perform in the famous venue solo (with just her piano) -- no backup singers, band or opening act ...

More definitions of "perform":

  • (verb): Perform a function.
    Example: "Who will perform the wedding?"
  • (verb): Get (something) done.
    Synonyms: do
  • (verb): Give a performance (of something).
    Example: "Horowitz is performing at Carnegie Hall tonight"; "We performed a popular Gilbert and Sullivan opera"

Famous quotes containing the word perform:

    This sand seemed to us the connecting link between land and water. It was a kind of water on which you could walk, and you could see the ripple-marks on its surface, produced by the winds, precisely like those at the bottom of a brook or lake. We had read that Mussulmans are permitted by the Koran to perform their ablutions in sand when they cannot get water, a necessary indulgence in Arabia, and we now understand the propriety of this provision.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Surely tis by faith we are upheld thro such trials—justice will be meted in time to those who fill soft places and malign men who perform heroic duties—
    Elizabeth Blair Lee (1818–?)

    Every neurosis is a primitive form of legal proceeding in which the accused carries on the prosecution, imposes judgment and executes the sentence: all to the end that someone else should not perform the same process.
    Lionel Trilling (1905–1975)