A diminutive of the female given name Margaret, also used as a formal given name.

Beyond this, Peggy may refer to:

  • Peggy (musical), a 1911 musical comedy by Stuart and Bovill
  • Peggy (given name), people with the given name Peggy
  • Mitsubishi Ki-67, an Imperial Japanese Army medium bomber during the Second World War given the Allied code name "Peggy"
  • USS Peggy (SP-1072), a United States Navy patrol boat in commission from 1917 to 1918
  • Peggy of Castletown, a surviving eighteenth century schooner on the Isle of Man
  • Peggy (Discover Card), advertising character
  • Peggy (album), a 1977 album by Peggy Lee
  • Peggy (film), a 1916 silent film comedy drama
  • Peggy, Texas

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