• (noun): A bundle of mylenated nerve fibers following a path through the brain.
    Synonyms: nerve pathway, tract, nerve tract
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Spinocervical Pathway
... The spinocervical pathway is "a four-neuron, fast-conducting, tactile/pressure pathway from the spinal cord to sensory cortex ...
A. D. S. N. Prasad - Pathway Centers For Children
... Main article Pathway Centers for Children Prasad established Pathway with a motive to help those were underprivileged and disadvantaged in the society ...
CAMP-dependent Pathway
... In the field of molecular biology, the cAMP-dependent pathway, also known as the adenylyl cyclase pathway, is a G protein-coupled receptor-triggered signaling cascade used in cell communication ...
Cannabinoid Receptor Type 2 - Mechanism
... CB2 receptors are also known to be coupled to the MAPK-ERK pathway, a complex and highly conserved signal transduction pathway, which critically regulates a number of important cellular processes in ... Activation of the MAPK-ERK pathway by CB2 receptor agonists acting through the Gβγ subunit ultimately results in changes in cell migration as well ... of functional selectivity at the CB2 receptor 2-AG preferentially activates the MAPK-ERK pathway, while noladin preferentially inhibits adenylyl cyclase ...
Chorismate Synthase - Biological and Practical Function
... The shikimate pathway synthesises aromatic amino acids as well as other aromatic compounds that have various involvement with processes such as "UV protection, electron transport, signaling, communication ... Moreover, the enzymes catalysing the Shikimate pathway may be potentially useful in the development of new herbicides and antibiotics ... This is due to the fact that the shikimate pathway is not present in humans ...

More definitions of "pathway":

  • (noun): A trodden path.
    Synonyms: footpath

Famous quotes containing the word pathway:

    To learn from our enemies is the best pathway to loving them: for it makes us grateful to them.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    Many are obstinate with regard to the pathway once they have set upon it, few with regard to the goal.
    Friedrich Nietzsche (1844–1900)

    And open field, through which the pathway wound,
    And homeward led my steps. Magnificent
    The morning rose, in memorable pomp,
    Glorious as e’er I had beheld—in front,
    The sea lay laughing at a distance; near,
    The solid mountains shone, bright as the clouds,
    Grain-tinctured, drenched in empyrean light;
    William Wordsworth (1770–1850)