Xylose Metabolism

Xylose Metabolism

D-Xylose is a five-carbon aldose (pentose, monosaccharide) that can be catabolized or metabolized into useful products by a variety of organisms.

There are at least four different pathways for the catabolism of D-xylose: An oxireductive pathway that is present in eukaryotic microorganisms, an isomerase pathway, and two oxidative pathways that are called Weimberg and Dahms pathway are common in prokaryotic microorganisms.

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Xylose Metabolism - Biotechnological Applications
... It is desirable to ferment D-xylose to ethanol however microorganisms that are naturally able to do that have disadvantages ... One organism that can naturally ferment D-xylose to ethanol is the yeast Pichia stipitis however it is not as ethanol and inhibitor tolerant as the traditional ethanol ... cerevisiae on the other hand can not ferment D-xylose to ethanol ...

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