Patent Medicine

Patent Medicine

Patent medicines are those sold with heavy promotion as medical cures, but which do not work as promoted. "Patent medicine" is a misnomer since in most cases, although products might be trademarked, they are not patented (the patent process requires proof that something new has been discovered). In ancient times, patent medicine was sometimes called nostrum remedium ("our remedy" in Latin).

The promotion of patent medicines was one of the first major products highlighted by the advertising industry, and many advertising and sales techniques were pioneered by patent medicine promoters. Patent medicine advertising often promoted the advantages of exotic ingredients, even though their actual effects came from more prosaic drugs. One group of patent medicines — liniments that allegedly contained snake oil, supposedly a panacea — made snake oil salesman a lasting synonym for a charlatan.

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    After you eat always take a walk, and you’ll never have to go to a medicine shop.
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    This is the patent age of new inventions
    For killing bodies, and for saving souls,
    All propagated with the best intentions.
    George Gordon Noel Byron (1788–1824)