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Sy Mon Bootmanager
... SyMon Bootmanager is a light-weighted partitions and bootmanager ... This software makes it possible to create up to 36 partitions on one single hard drive and up to 20 operating systems can be organized on these partitions ... Recovery function a sequential scan of the hard drive finds lost partitions ...
Portable Partitions
... Portable partitions are rolling, mobile, folding room dividers which provide temporary walls in place of traditional non mobile products such as operable walls, accordion ... The portable wall partition has two full panel end members which provide support, rigidity, privacy and noise reduction ... Portable partitions are used to divide space quickly where non-mobile permanent room dividers may be unavailable or impracticable ...
Littlewood–Richardson Rule - Generalizations and Special Cases
... of the Littlewood–Richardson rule in the case when one of the partitions has only one part, states that where Sn is the Schur function of a partition with one row and the sum is over all partitions ... If both partitions are rectangular in shape, the sum is also multiplicity free (Okada 1998) ... Denote by the partition with p parts of length a ...
Adjusted Mutual Information - Mutual Information of Two Partitions
... Given a set S of N elements, consider two partitions of S, namely with R clusters, and with C clusters ... It is presumed here that the partitions are so-called hard clusters, the partitions are pairwise disjoint for all, and complete The mutual information of cluster overlap between U and V can be summarized in ... The mutual information (MI) between two partitions where P(i,j) denotes the probability that a point belongs to both the cluster in U and cluster in ...
Adjusted Mutual Information - Adjustment For Chance
... clusterings does not take on a constant value, and tends to be larger when the two partitions have a larger number of clusters (with a fixed number of set elements N) ... The AMI takes a value of 1 when the two partitions are identical and 0 when the MI between two partitions equals to that expected by chance ...

Famous quotes containing the word partitions:

    Walls have cracks and partitions ears.
    Chinese proverb.

    Great wits are sure to madness near allied,
    And thin partitions do their bounds divide.
    John Dryden (1631–1700)