Parallel Fibers

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Cerebellum - Structure - Cellular Components
... Three types of axons also play dominant roles mossy fibers and climbing fibers (which enter the cerebellum from outside), and parallel fibers (which are the axons of granule cells) ... cerebellar circuit, originating from mossy fibers and climbing fibers, both eventually terminating in the deep cerebellar nuclei ... Mossy fibers project directly to the deep nuclei, but also give rise to the pathway mossy fiber → granule cells → parallel fibers → Purkinje cells → deep nuclei ...
Cerebellum - Function - Principles
... cerebellum, information from 200 million mossy fiber inputs is expanded to 40 billion granule cells, whose parallel fiber outputs then converge onto 15 million Purkinje cells ... to a microzone may receive input from as many as 100 million parallel fibers, and focus their own output down to a group of less than 50 deep nuclear cells ... Different modules share input from mossy fibers and parallel fibers, but in other respects they appear to function independently — the output of one module does not ...
Anti-Hebbian Learning - Evidence From Neuroethology
... These cells receive information through extensive apical dendritic projections from parallel fibers that signal the transmission of an order to release an EOD ... Important to anti-Hebbian learning, the synapses between the parallel fibers and the apical dendrites of Medium Ganglion cells show a specific pattern ... Should activation of the dendrites by parallel fibers occur in a short time period preceding the initiation of a dendritic broad spike (an action potential which travels through the dendrites), the strength of the ...
Breast Reduction - Surgical Anatomy of The Breast
... is by the superficial vein system under the dermis, and by the deep vein system parallel to the artery system ... by the Cooper's ligaments derives from its closely packed bundles of collagen fibers oriented in parallel the principal, ligament-component cell is the fibroblast, interspersed throughout the parallel collagen-fiber ... The fibers of the upper dermis ("papillary dermis") are thinner than the fibers of the deep dermis, thus the skin envelope is 1–3 mm thick ...
Coincidence Detection In Neurobiology - Synaptic Plasticity and Associativity - Molecular Mechanism of Long-term Depression
... LTD in the cerebellum requires a coincident stimulation of parallel fibers and climbing fibers ... Glutamate released from the parallel fibers activates AMPA receptors which depolarize the postsynaptic cell ... The parallel fibers also activate metabotropic glutamate receptors that release the second messengers IP3 and DAG ...

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