• (noun): (usually in the plural) a garment extending from the waist to the knee or ankle, covering each leg separately.
    Synonyms: trousers
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St. John's Matriculation Higher Secondary School Alwarthirunagar - Uniform History
... half centimetre white and brown check boxes and chocolate pants till 1983 ... In 1984 it was cream coloured shirt and chocolate pants ... During 1985 it changed to a lighter shade of chocolate shirt and chocolate pants with black shoes ...
Logos And Uniforms Of The San Francisco 49ers - 2012 Nike Uniform Update
... of the teams in the league), the official San Francisco 49ers onfield jersey, pants and socks will be manufactured by Nike, along with other uniform paraphernalia (undershirts, gloves and cleats though the ... new design utilizes more breathable fabrics on the jerseys and pants striping (and more moisture-resistant fabrics overall), and a new stretchable "Flywire" elastic stitching on the jersey collar ... the hip area that truncates the top portion of the pants stripes have been implemented, as well as lighter, aluminum d-rings for securing the belt ...
St. Francis Catholic Secondary School - Uniform
... one of the few schools where girls cannot wear the girls' dress pants and must wear the boys style pants ... (to be worn from Thanksgiving to Easter), and grey dress pants or kilt ...
Snowboarding Pants - Water-Resistant Features
... A quality Snowboarding Pants help keep away water and snow from entering the body ... Another feature to prevent snow from entering the pants is an open bottom with gaiter of lightweight and moisture-resistant fabric which is attached inside the pants and extends down over the ... Pants with sealed seems will also keep the body dry and comfortable ...
Antsy Pants (album)
... Antsy Pants is the debut album by the folk band Antsy Pants. ...

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Famous quotes containing the word pants:

    There was a young fellow called Lancelot
    Whom his neighbors all looked on askance a lot.
    Whenever he’d pass
    A presentable lass,
    The front of his pants would advance a lot.

    And girls you have to tell to pull their socks up
    Are those whose pants you’d most like to pull down.
    Philip Larkin (1922–1986)

    “O.K., Marlowe,” I said to myself, “you’re a tough guy. You’ve been zapped twice, choked, beaten silly with a gun, shot in the arm until you’re as crazy as a couple of waltzing mice, now let’s see you do something really tough, like putting your pants on.”
    John Paxton (1911–1985)