• (adj): Coated with paint.
    Example: "Freshly painted lawn furniture"
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Some articles on painted:

Ernest Normand
... He painted history and orientalist paintings, and also undertook portraits ... They both painted the nude in lush settings, and were criticised for an apparent tendency towards an excess of sensuality in some of their paintings ... Normand painted the "King John Granting the Magna Carta" fresco at the Royal Exchange in London (painted 1900, restored 2001) ...
Geography Of Arizona - Deserts - Painted Desert
... The Painted Desert is a broad area of badlands located on the Colorado Plateau in Northern Arizona ... The Painted Desert derives its name from the multitude of colored sediments and bentonite clay seen from its Chinle rock formation, left exposed by erosion ... Most of the Painted Desert is located within the Navajo Nation, and is only accessible by foot ...
Edwin Dickinson - Inland Lake
... Lake, 1919, is the darkest picture that Dickinson had yet painted, it appears to represent a happy band of women, children, and men—four in sailor's uniforms—at sunset ... He painted it two months after his discharge from the navy at war's end at the family cottage at Sheldrake, on Cayuga Lake, where, according to a journal entry written after a visit on leave in 1918, he had had a "happy ...
Salvator Rosa - Life
... For the Chiesa Santa Maria della Morte in Viterbo, Rosa painted his first and one of his few altarpieces with an Incredulity of Thomas ... About the same time he painted his own portrait, now in the National Gallery, London ... He painted a portrait of Masaniello—probably from reminiscence rather than life ...
Midland And Great Northern Joint Railway - Badge and Livery
... For much of the company's life the locomotives were painted a light golden brown, often referred to by paintshop staff as "autumn leaf" or "golden ochre" ... From 1922 the goods engines were painted dark brown, followed by the rest of the locomotives in 1929 ... The LNER painted the survivors black ...

More definitions of "painted":

  • (adj): Having makeup applied.
    Example: "Brazen painted faces"
  • (adj): Represented in a painting.
    Example: "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean"
  • (adj): Lacking substance or vitality as if produced by painting.
    Example: "In public he wore a painted smile"

Famous quotes containing the word painted:

    Here thou art painted in the dress
    Of an inhuman murderess;
    Examining upon our hearts
    Thy fertile shop of cruel arts:
    Engines more keen than ever yet
    Adorned tyrant’s cabinet,
    Of which the most tormenting are
    Black eyes, red lips, and curled hair.
    Andrew Marvell (1621–1678)

    In the graveyard, which was crowded with graves, and overrun with weeds, I noticed an inscription in Indian, painted on a wooden grave-board. There was a large wooden cross on the island.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Now as at all times I can see in the mind’s eye,
    In their stiff, painted clothes, the pale unsatisfied ones
    Appear and disappear in the blue depth of the sky
    William Butler Yeats (1865–1939)