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Industry Of The People's Republic Of China - Structure
... Before 1978, state-owned and collectively owned enterprises represented 77.6 percent and 22.4 percent respectively of China's exclusively public-ownership economy ... Individual and private industrial enterprises and enterprises have mushroomed with investment from outside mainland China ... about through the responsibility system has led to a burgeoning of small-scale enterprises that remain completely in private hands ...
Economic History Of The People's Republic Of China - Prices - Determination of Prices
... Prices of most goods produced by private and collectively owned enterprises in both rural and urban areas generally were free to float, as were the prices of many items that state-owned enterprises ... Prices of most major goods produced by state-owned enterprises, however, along with the grain purchased from farmers by state commercial departments for retail sales in the cities, still were set or restricted by ... buying some goods some previously profitable enterprises under the old price structure would begin to take losses, and others would abruptly become very wealthy ...
William Holman - Politician and Premier
... During his government many state-owned enterprises were established to compete with private businesses, as a compromise to the Labor policy on Nationalisation ... Government he vigorously defended the Government-owned enterprises from his fellow conservatives in power ... Although he protected the state-owned enterprises he helped create, the Australian labour movement still considers him a "rat." ...
Technological And Industrial History Of The People's Republic Of China - Reform of The Industrial Economy in The 1980s
... ranging from tiny handicraft manufacturing enterprises to giant modern complexes producing such goods as steel, chemical fertilizer, and synthetic fibers ... Ownership of industrial enterprises fell into three general categories state ownership, urban collective ownership, and rural collective ownership ... Industry was dominated by the state-owned sector, which included the largest, most technically advanced, and most important enterprises ...

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    All great enterprises are self-supporting.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Speak as you think, be what you are, pay your debts of all kinds. I prefer to be owned as sound and solvent, and my word as good as my bond, and to be what cannot be skipped, or dissipated, or undermined, to all the eclat in the universe. This reality is the foundation of friendship, religion, poetry, and art.
    Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803–1882)