Ouija Board

  • (noun): A board with the alphabet on it; used with a planchette to spell out supernatural messages.
    Synonyms: Ouija

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Thomas Glendenning Hamilton - Paranormal Investigations
... started with the use of Ouija board and experiments with mental telepathy with his United Church minister, Reverend Daniel Normal McLachlan ... She started out by using the Ouija board, but moved on in 1920 when the family was introduced to table tipping, where a table would stop tipping when the “correct” letter was pronounced aloud, somewhat ...
Ouija (disambiguation)
... An Ouija board is a flat board game used to supposedly communicate with dead spirits ... Ouija or Ouija Board may also refer to Ouija (2003 film), a 2003 horror film Ouija (2007 film), a 2007 horror-thriller film Ouija Board (horse), a racehorse "Ouija Board, Ouija ...
The Appearance of Patience Worth
... Curran and her friend Emily Grant Hutchings were making a call on a neighbor who had a ouija board and during that call there came what purported to be a ... Hutchings then bought a ouija board and took it to Mrs ... Pearl was somewhat indifferent and had to be coaxed to participate at the board ...
Calling All Cars (The Sopranos) - Episode Recap
... pulls out a Ouija board and this progresses into a mock and prank séance that terrifies the Baccalieri children ... uses an internet chat program to deceive and secretly direct Bobby's children to a Ouija board in their home ... She tells him she had heard them with the Ouija board earlier in the day but didn't want to get involved because of their argument ...

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    Anthony Trollope (1815–1882)