Order Systems

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XFAT - Technical Design - Boot Sector
... Record defining partitions, while the first sector of partitions formatted with a FAT file system is again the Boot Sector ... by most boot loaders residing in the System BIOS or the MBR) and this volume is booted from, the prior boot loader will pass execution to this entry point ... This value determines in which system the disk was formatted ...
Nondimensionalization - Linear Differential Equations With Constant Coefficients - Higher Order Systems
... The general n-th order linear differential equation with constant coefficients has the form The function f(t) is known as the forcing function ... equation only contains real (not complex) coefficients, then the properties of such a system behaves as a mixture of first and second order systems only ... nondimensionalization applies to first and second ordered systems allows the properties of higher order systems to be determined through superposition ...

Famous quotes containing the words systems and/or order:

    People stress the violence. That’s the smallest part of it. Football is brutal only from a distance. In the middle of it there’s a calm, a tranquility. The players accept pain. There’s a sense of order even at the end of a running play with bodies stewn everywhere. When the systems interlock, there’s a satisfaction to the game that can’t be duplicated. There’s a harmony.
    Don Delillo (b. 1926)

    Remember, a woman has to work harder than a man and have more patience in order to achieve success.
    Margaret Mary Morgan, U.S. suffragist, print shop owner, and politician. As quoted in Dianne Feinstein, ch. 5, by Jerry Roberts (1994)