Open System

Open system may refer to:

  • Open system (computing), one of a class of computers and associated software that provides some combination of interoperability, portability and open software standards, particularly Unix and Unix-like systems
  • Open system (systems theory), a system where matter or energy can flow into and/or out of the system, in contrast to a closed system, where energy can enter or leave but matter may not
  • Open system (control theory), a feedforward system that does not have any feedback loop to control its output in a control system
  • Open system, in management science a system that is capable of self-maintenance on the basis of throughput of resources from the environment
  • Open Systems Interconnection, an effort to standardize computer networking
  • Open and closed system in social science
  • Open system in thermodynamics or in physics
  • Open system of learning, where information is sourced from multiple sources
  • Open-system environment reference model, one of the first reference models for enterprise architecture
  • Open Systems Accounting Software, accounting and business software
  • Open Systems International, supplier of open automation solutions for utilities in the electric, oil & gas, transport, and water industries
  • Open Systems AG, a company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland
  • Open Source Software system
  • Open Government system
  • Open publication system
  • Open Distribution system (Example: Peer-to-peer file sharing system)

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Ground-coupled Heat Exchanger - Design
... However, numerous earth-air heat exchanger systems have been designed and constructed improperly, and failed to meet design expectations ... Most systems are usually constructed from 100 to 600 mm (4 to 24 inch) diameter, smooth-walled (so they do not easily trap condensation moisture and mold), rigid or semi-rigid plastic, plastic-coated metal pipes ... three configurations, a closed loop design, an open 'fresh air' system or a combination Closed loop system Air from inside the home or structure is blown through a U-shaped loop ...
Systems Theory In Anthropology - Main Concepts in Systems Theory - Open System and Closed System
... Bertalanaffy describes two types of systems open system and closed system ... The open systems are systems that allow interactions between its internal elements and the environment ... An open system is defined as a “system in exchange of matter with its environment, presenting import and export, building-up and breaking-down of its material components.” For example, living organism ...
System (thermodynamics) - Open System
... In open systems, matter may flow in and out of the system boundaries ... The first law of thermodynamics for open systems states the increase in the internal energy of a system is equal to the amount of energy added to the system by matter ... The first law for open systems is given by where Uin is the average internal energy entering the system and Uout is the average internal energy leaving the system ...

Famous quotes containing the words system and/or open:

    Never expect any recognition here—the system prohibits it. The cross is not affixed to the genius, no, the genius is affixed to the cross.
    Franz Grillparzer (1791–1872)

    For it is not possible to join serpentine wisdom with columbine innocency, except men know exactly all the conditions of the serpent: his baseness and going upon his belly, his volubility and lubricity, his envy and sting, and the rest; that is, all forms and natures of evil: for without this, virtue lieth open and unfenced.
    Francis Bacon (1561–1626)