Open Marriage Incidence

Open Marriage Incidence

The incidence of open marriage is the frequency with which open marriage occurs.

Several definitional issues complicate attempts to determine the incidence of open marriage. People sometimes claim to have open marriages when their spouses would not agree. Couples may agree to allow extramarital sex but never actually engage in extramarital sex. Some researchers define open marriages in narrower terms than others. Despite these difficulties, researchers have estimated that between 1.7 percent and 6 percent of married people are involved in open marriages. The incidence of open marriage has remained relatively stable over the last two generations.

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Open Marriage Incidence - Growing or Shrinking?
... Following the 1972 publication of the bestselling book, "Open Marriage," by George and Nena O'Neill, individuals in the popular media expressed a belief that open marriages were on the rise ... Comparing data from the earlier Kinsey studies with his own data, Hunt concluded the incidence of extramarital sex had remained about the same for ... The overall incidence for our sample of married men of all ages appears to be basically unchanged from that of a generation ago ...

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