Ontology Elements

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Upper Ontology (computer Science) - Development - Arguments For The Feasibility of An Upper Ontology
... the possibility of developing wide agreement on a common upper ontology fall into one of two traps (1) they assert that there is no possibility of universal agreement on any ... on the different ways people perceive things attack a simplistic, impoverished view of ontology ... that there are logically incompatible models of the world are true, but in an upper ontology those different models can be represented as different theories, and the adherents ...

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    It is a life-and-death conflict between all those grand, universal, man-respecting principles which we call by the comprehensive term democracy, and all those partial, person-respecting, class-favoring elements which we group together under that silver-slippered word aristocracy. If this war does not mean that, it means nothing.
    Antoinette Brown Blackwell (1825–1921)