Olympic Primary School

The Olympic Primary School is a government-run primary school in Kenya. It is located in Kibera, a slum district in the capital Nairobi. The school was established in 1980. Over the ensuing years the school was successful in national examinations and thus attracted pupils from all social classes, from millionaires families, middle-classes, working classes and the penniless slum dwellers.

The school is partly funded by the British government and consistently places near the top of Kenya's school league tables. It received a visit from British Chancellor of the Exchequer Gordon Brown in January, 2005. The aim of the visit was to learn about the effects of the 2003 introduction of free primary schooling.

There were some 1,700 students at the school prior to 2003. Some 5000 students attempted to enroll at the time that school fees were abolished, but not all could be accommodated. As of 2005, enrollment is approximately 2,200.

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