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Bernard Walther - Astronomy
... for the moon as a connecting-link between observations of the sun and stars ... Resultantly, his observations are the most precise prior to Tycho Brahe ... His pupil Johannes Schöner made unpublished data of Walther's observations of Mercury available to Nicolaus Copernicus ...
Robert Hues
... During a trip to Newfoundland, he made observations which caused him to doubt the accepted published values for variations of the compass ... Hues traveled with Thomas Cavendish on a circumnavigation of the globe, performing astronomical observations and taking the latitudes of places they visited ... During the voyage, Hues made astronomical observations in the South Atlantic, and continued his observations of the variation of the compass at various latitudes and at the Equator ...
Sensor ML - What Is It?
... process of measurement by sensors and instructions for deriving higher-level information from observations ... It provides a provider-centric view of information in a sensor web, which is complemented by Observations and Measurements which provides a user-centric view ... can be represented in TransducerML, as observations in Observations and Measurements, or in other forms, such as IEEE 1451 ...
Scalar–tensor–vector Gravity - Observations
... STVG can also account for key cosmological observations, including The acoustic peaks in the cosmic microwave background radiation The accelerating expansion of ...
Case (policy Debate) - The Structure of The Case - Observation or Contention
... A typical case includes between two and four observations/contentions, depending on the speed of the intended speaker and the length of the observations/contentions ... Traditionally, observations/contentions address one of the stock issues and are labeled accordingly ... Contention 1 Significant Harms Contention 2 Inherency Plan Contention 3 Solvency Or Observation 1 Inherency Plan Advantage 1 Advantage 2 Advantage 3 Observation 2 Solvency These outlines are quite general ...

Famous quotes containing the word observations:

    Jerry: She’s one of those third-year girls that gripe my liver.
    Milo: Third-year girls?
    Jerry: Yeah, you know, American college kids. They come over here to take their third year and lap up a little culture. They give me a swift pain.
    Milo: Why?
    Jerry: They’re officious and dull. They’re always making profound observations they’ve overheard.
    Alan Jay Lerner (1918–1986)

    The natural historian is not a fisherman who prays for cloudy days and good luck merely; but as fishing has been styled “a contemplative man’s recreation,” introducing him profitably to woods and water, so the fruit of the naturalist’s observations is not in new genera or species, but in new contemplations still, and science is only a more contemplative man’s recreation.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    The truth is, the Science of Nature has been already too long made only a work of the brain and the fancy: It is now high time that it should return to the plainness and soundness of observations on material and obvious things.
    Robert Hooke (1635–1703)