Oaths of Strasbourg

The Oaths of Strasbourg are several historical documents which include mutual pledges of allegiance between Louis the German (d. 876), ruler of East Francia, and his (half-)brother Charles the Bald (d. 877), ruler of West Francia. They are written in three different languages: Medieval Latin, Langue d′oïl (Old French) and Old High German. The Old French passages are generally considered to be the earliest texts in a language that is distinctly French.

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Oaths Of Strasbourg - Text
... that used to be called Argentaria but which is now commonly known as Strasbourg, and they swore the oaths given below, Louis in Romance and Charles in German ... But before swearing the oaths, they made speeches in German and Romance ... you doubt our firm faith and brotherhood, we shall swear this oath between us before all of you ...

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