The Noritaceae, defined by Karpinsky in 1889, combines ceratitids with "typically smooth, more or less discoidal shells with rounded or truncate peripheries and ceratitic sutures,...." Keeled or ribbed offshoots may have simpler or more complex sutures.

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... The Ophiceratidae is reassigned to the Noritaceae along with the Dieneroceratidae ... in 1930 are included in the Treatise in the superfamily Noritaceae The Xenodiscaceae gave rise through the Ophiceratidae to the Noritaceae ...
Noritaceae - Taxonomy - Noritacean Taxonomy in The Treatise
... The Flemingitidae and Meekoceratidae have been place in the Meekocerataceae along with the Prionitidae and Proptychitidae ... The Hedenstroemiidae, less the Lanceolitinae, have been combined with middle and upper Triassic late derivatives of the Medlicottiadae, the Sageceratidae, in what is known as the Sageceratceae ...