• (adj): Obtained through intuition rather than from reasoning or observation.
    Synonyms: intuitive, visceral
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Some articles on nonrational:

Paul Tillich - Theology - Faith As Ultimate Concern
... It transcends both the drives of the nonrational unconsciousness and the structures of the rational conscious...the ecstatic character of faith does not exclude its rational character although it is not ... Dynamics of Faith, p.8-9 In short, for Tillich, faith does not stand opposed to rational or nonrational elements (reason and emotion respectively), as some philosophers ...
Power (social And Political) - Tactics
... Rational and nonrational Rational tactics of influence make use of reasoning, logic, and sound judgment, whereas nonrational tactics rely on emotionality and ... Machiavellians, however, tend to use nonrational tactics ...

More definitions of "nonrational":

  • (adj): Not based on reason.
    Example: "There is a great deal that is nonrational in modern culture"