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Main Event Matches

The first main match was between Kurt Angle and The Big Show. A stipulation in the match was placed that anyone who tried to interfere would get fired. For the duration of the match, The Big Show, who stood at 7 feet (2.1 m) and weighed 500 pounds (230 kg), used his body size to his advantage as he squashed, or easily and quickly performed moves on, Angle. Angle, who had enough, began to walk away from the match. Angle ran back to the ring and counted along with the referee for the 10 count. General Manager Theodore Long ordered Angle to return to the match with a no count out stipulation or else Angle would never wrestle on SmackDown! again. Angle returned to the ring, in which Big Show dominated once more, even standing on Angle. A frustrated Angle brought a steel chair, but backfired when Big Show punched the chair onto Angle’s face. As Big Show prepared to perform a chokeslam, Angle countered into an ankle lock hold. Big Show managed to get a hold of the ropes to force Angle to break the hold and he was scripted to knock the referee down. Angle began targeting Big Show's knee and even hitting his knee with the steel chair, to take advantage of the referee's state. The match ended with Big Show chokeslamming Angle from the top of the ring. During this time, the referee regained consciousness and gave Big Show the pinfall victory.

The second main match was a singles match, in which United States Champion Booker T defended the title against John Cena in the final "best of five" match. In the early stages of the match, Cena and Booker fought at ringside. During this tussle Booker pounded Cena's head into the ring steps before being reversed into them himself. The match then returned to the ring, which saw Booker and Cena getting the upper hand over one another. Cena took control as he performed several of his signature moves; he ran up from behind Booker, grabbed his head with one hand and leaped forward to drive Booker's face into the mat. He then followed with hitting a fist drop with theatrics, which Cena calls the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena tried to follow up with lifting Booker onto his shoulder, but Booker countered it into a Book End. Booker went for the pin on Cena, but he kicked out. Cena was able to dodge a kick to the back of the head that would force him to hit his face first into the mat, with lifting Booker over his shoulders and throwing him down to execute the FU. He pinned Booker to be declared the new United States Champion.

Another match on the undercard was a mixed tag team match between the team of the Dudley Boyz (D-Von and Bubba Ray) and Dawn Marie versus Charlie Haas, Rico Constantino, and Miss Jackie. The start of the match saw Haas get back body dropped by the Dudley's. Dawn was tagged in to the match, as was Jackie who tagged herself in, if a man tags her female partner, both men leave the ring and both women enter the match. The two women began to beat one another. Bubba Ray tagged himself in and demanded Jackie give him a kiss, and closed his eyes. Rico came in and kissed Bubba Ray, prompting Bubba Ray to run away and gag audibly. Rico wrestled against D-Von, and was in control until Bubba Ray and D-Von double teamed him. Bubba Ray called for the flying head butt to the crotch, but D-Von was hesitant in performing the move on Rico. This caused Dawn and Jackie to continue their fight, as both entered the ring. The match ended when Haas performed a flying axe handle setting up the legal tag to Rico to perform a moonsault and get the win.

The main event was the Last Ride match for the WWE Championship, in which John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL) defended the title against The Undertaker. During the beginning of the match, the Undertaker began hitting JBL in the corner, before twisting his arm around and dropping JBL's arm on the top rope. Following this, the Undertaker chokeslammed JBL in the ring, and performed a leg drop off the ring apron. Outside the ring, the Undertaker threw JBL towards the steel ring steps. The Undertaker continued to uphold the upper hand over JBL, as he began to remove the television set from the Spanish announce table, but JBL managed to hit Undertaker upside the head with the steel ring steps. JBL tried to put the Undertaker in the hearse, but the Undertaker fought back. A frustrated JBL took the Undertaker back to the ring and hit a shoulder block from the top rope. The Undertaker managed to get the upper hand once more, as he applied a triangle choke hold on JBL, leading JBL to tap out, but submissions do not count prior in this match. The Undertaker backdropped out of a piledriver attempt on the steel ring steps and grabbed JBL, turned him upside-down and dropped into a kneeling position, driving JBL's head into the steel steps, making JBL bleed from the head. Minutes later, the Undertaker chokeslammed JBL off the announce table through the Spanish table. The Undertaker carried JBL to the hearse, and Jon Heidenreich came out of the hearse. Heidenreich began to attack the Undertaker, covered his mouth with a soaked rag filled with chloroform. Heidenreich placed the Undertaker into the hearse and drove off. Inside the hearse, a camera was inside the hearse to show the Undertaker wake up and jump out and attack Heidenreich. JBL recovered, and swung his arm forward while running towards the Undertaker, a move JBL calls Clothesline from Hell, and helped Heidenreich place the Undertaker back into the hearse to be driven away. Backstage, Paul Heyman drove the hearse to the parking lot, where Heidenreich drove his car into it at high speed, causing an inexplicable explosion. As a result, JBL won the match and retained his title.

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