Niko is a variant of Nikos, which originates from the Greek Nikolaos which means 'victory of the people'. It is sometimes a nickname for the name Nicholas.

  • Niko is a common Croat, Greek and Finnish name
  • Niko is a musician currently signed to ATIC Records independent record label (formerly on Grand Central Records).
  • Niko is a fictional character from the 1994 film The Mask, played by actor Orestes Matacena.
  • Niko a fictional character from the television The Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers.
  • Niko the Oyster is a character in the PC online game Insaniquarium.
  • Niko, a radio personality for WNYZ-LP
  • Niko Bellic, the protagonist and playable character of Grand Theft Auto IV.
  • Niko Kovač, a Croatian soccer player.
  • Niko Kranjčar, a Croatian soccer player.
  • Niko Etxart, a Basque singer and musician.
  • the Japanese name for the Chinese Fiddle, or Erhu.
  • a fictional character played by Steven Seagal in the 1988 film, Above the Law.
  • a performance alias used by Eurobeat artist Maurizio De Jorio.
  • a wilderness Christian Leadership training program started by YWAM.
  • brand of television monitor Niko Electronics Inc. (Apparently Out Of Business as of April 2008).
  • Niklaren "Niko" Goldeye, a character in Tamora Pierce's "Emelan" books.
  • Niko Ruud is the President of MLHS JSA
  • Niko were a University rock band formed in Cardiff in 2002 composed of Mike Reed (Bass & Vocals), Simon Fisher (Guitar & Vocals) and Alex McGee (Drums & Vocals). After four years playing venues primarily in Cardiff, Leicester and London, Alex McGee left the band to take up a teaching appointment in Portugal.
  • Niko Congiu is a Live Nation signed artist living in Cagliari, Italy.
  • Niko is a common name amongst the Samoan people.
  • Niko is a fictional character in the book "Shibumi" by Trevanian.
  • Niko is a cosmetics company based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Niko is the German Village Barber of Bryan Jasin
  • Niko is a fictional pirate in some of the The Legend of Zelda video games.
  • Niko Resources, a Canadian oil and gas company.

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Madhouse (novel) - Major Characters
... Niko Leandros Niko is Cal's older half-brother and only sibling ... As their mother was neglectful and really didn't pay much attention to them, Niko took to looking out for his younger brother at a young age ... Considered the "practical" one of the pair, Niko is calm, and enjoys meditating and natural foods ...
Mikhail Faustin - Minor Supporting Characters - Luca Silvestri
... Joe DiLeo and John Barbosa - along with Niko - were assigned to pick up garbage bags secretly filled with the diamonds ... When Niko departs, Luca and the rest of his crew keep some of the diamonds for themselves and plan to start a new life in Las Venturas ... Ray finds out and sends Niko to stop them ...
Mikhail Faustin - Minor Supporting Characters - Gracie Ancelotti
... Niko kidnaps her after responding to a "For Sale" ad she posted online for her pink Feltzer ... Before her kidnapping, Gracie shows a liking towards Niko, saying he could "test drive" anything he wants ... After Niko test drives her car, during which she seems to actually fancy Niko, he drives her to the safehouse to kidnap her ...
Mikhail Faustin
... He is first introduced when one of his henchmen abducts Niko and Roman for killing Vlad Glebov and interrogates him for his motive ... Although he was far from pleased that Niko killed Vlad, he allows him to walk free as long as he works for him, as he personally believed that Vlad was an idiot himself ... Things boil over when Mikhail, on a whim, orders Niko to kill Lenny Petrović, the son of another major Bratva boss, Kenny Petrović, as he suspects Lenny was a snitch ...
Mikhail Faustin - Minor Supporting Characters - Hossan Ramzy
... Hossan Ramzy is an Egyptian merchant seaman, Niko Bellic's former shipmate and friend from the Platypus in Grand Theft Auto IV ... Niko meets up with Hossan in a random encounter in western Algonquin, where he works as a street vendor selling counterfeit purses and bags ... During this encounter, he and Niko pursue and kill a man who refused to pay Hossan for his work due to his status as an immigrant ...