Nair Brigade

Nair Brigade

The Nair Brigade was the army of the erstwhile kingdom of Travancore in India. Nairs were a warrior community in the region which was responsible for the security of Travancore and other local kingdoms. King Marthanda Varma's (1706–1758) personal bodyguard was called 'Thiruvithamkoor Nair Pattalam' (Travancore Nair Army). The Travancore army was officially referred as the Travancore Nair Brigade in 1818. In the early days, only Nairs were admitted into this brigade. Later, the unit was expanded and several sub units were formed. The name Nair Brigade remained unchanged, even following the admittance of non-Nairs. The army was involved in many services during peace time. The Headquarters of the brigade was in Thiruvananthapuram (Trivandrum).

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Muhammad Habibullah - Dewan of Travancore
... state, particularly in the electorates, the state forces (the Nair Brigade) and the civil services ... However owing to objections by the Nairs, the issue was reopened many years later in 1939 for resettlement ... activity of Dewan Habibullah was with regard to the Nair Brigade ...

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