Muir Island

Muir Island is a small, fictional island off the northern coast of Scotland in the Marvel Comics universe. It plays a prominent role in the X-Men comics and its related series.

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Muir Island Saga - Plot
... and Banshee, the X-Men and Professor X investigate Muir Island, whose inhabitants have been taken over by the Shadow King ... On Muir Island, Wolverine separates himself from his party and is attacked and freed from control by Forge ... X-Factor gathered, Professor X plans a strike on Muir Island using resources provided by Val Cooper ...
Bonebreaker - Fictional Character Biography
... After Wolverine escaped, the Reavers attacked Muir Island where they battled the Muir Island X-Men and Freedom Force, killing Sunder, Stonewall, and Destiny before being defeated ... After the Muir island massacre, Bonebreaker and the other Reavers continued to attack various heroes and mutants such as Wolverine, Emma Frost's factories, Rogue, and the ...
Strong Guy - Fictional Character History - Lila Cheney and Muir Island
... Guido was later among the mutants living on Muir Island who were mentally controlled by the telepath Shadow King ... King encouraged arena fighting amongst the Muir Island personnel ... After the Shadow King was defeated, several of the Muir Island mutants, with the help of Val Cooper, were recruited to form a new X-Factor team ...
Muir Island - Appearances in Other Media - Video Games
... Muir Island appears as Storm's stage in X-Men Mutant Academy 2 ... Muir Island appears in the X-Men Legends Role-playing video game as a level map ... The team asks around and then tells her that it's on Muir Island ...

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