Monty Lingua - Abilities


  • MontyTokenizer: normalizes punctuation, spacing and contractions, with sensitivity to abbrevs.
  • MontyTagger: Part-of-speech tagging using the Penn Treebank tagset, enriched with "Common Sense" from the Open Mind Common Sense project. Exceeds accuracy of Brill94 tbl tagger using default training files
  • MontyREChunker: chunks tagged text into verb, noun, and adjective chunks (VX,NX, and AX respectively)
  • MontyExtractor: extracts verb-argument structures, phrases, and other semantically valuable information from sentences and returns sentences as "digests"
  • MontyLemmatiser: part-of-speech sensitive lemmatisation. Strips plurals (geese-->goose) and tense (were-->be, had-->have). Includes regexps from Humphreys and Carroll's morph.lex, and UPENN's XTAG corpus
  • MontyNLGenerator: generates summaries, generates surface form sentences, determines and numbers NPs and tenses verbs, accounts for sentence_type

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Crowd Control (MMORPG)
... It can also refer to abilities that influence or prevent the abilities or actions of other character(s) ... the possible outcomes of an encounter, as it forces opponents to use a smaller set of abilities/actions ... often renders an opponent nearly useless, allowing the CCer to use abilities/actions against an opponent without fear of retaliation or response ...
Spyro The Dragon - Abilities
... In the Legend of Spyro series, Spyro controls the elements of Fire, Electricity, Ice, and Earth ... In the Skylanders series, Spyro has the ability to control all of the elements of the world of Skylands, but he prefers to master his original favorite - fire ...
Noitora - Arrancar - Espada - Szayelaporro Grantz
... of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, such as studying the damage done to their former opponents ... a doppelganger of them is created that Szayelaporro can control to use their abilities against them ... The last of his many abilities, known as Gabriel (受胎告知(ガブリエール), Gaburiēru?, kanji translates as "the Annunciation"), allows him to be reborn if he is injured beyond repair ...
Ram-Rahim - Powers and Abilities
... the times relies on his wisdom while Rahim had abilities conferred upon him owing to his prosthetic arm which gave him super natural power ... In few titles like Icchadhari Ram, Ram got special abilities of a Snake where in he was half human half snake ...
Invading Races From The Malazan Book Of The Fallen Series - Tiste Andii - Anomander Rake - Abilities
... Rake can shapeshift into the form of an enormous black dragon, whose mouth is the gate to Kurald Galain ... In this form, his eyes and mane are silver ...

Famous quotes containing the word abilities:

    Who can measure the advantages that would result if the magnificent abilities of these women could be devoted to the needs of government, society and home, instead of being consumed in the struggle to obtain their birthright of individual freedom? Until this be gained we can never know, we can not even prophesy the capacity and power of women for the uplifting of humanity.
    Susan B. Anthony (1820–1906)

    At twenty you have many desires which hide the truth, but beyond forty there are only real and fragile truths—your abilities and your failings.
    Gérard Depardieu (b. 1948)

    The art of using moderate abilities to good advantage is a way of stealing the esteem of others, and often brings a man into greater reputation than does real merit.
    François, Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1613–1680)