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  • This paulownia flower pattern (go-shichi-no-kiri) is the symbol of the Office of the Prime Minister of Japan

  • Agehanochō, the butterfly crest of the Taira clan

  • Chigai Kuginuki, the crest of former Prime Minister Taro Aso

  • Kiyobu Chō

  • Chigai Bishi

  • Daki Myōga

  • Gion Mamori

  • Gomaisasa, the five bamboo leaves

  • Janome Shichiyo

  • Jūroku Uragiku, crest of the noble Hirohata family

  • Kuginuki

  • Maruni Chigai Takanoha,the crossing pair of hawk feathers in circle, crest of the Asano clan

  • Maruni Mitsu Aoi (Mitsuba aoi), the hollyhock crest of the Tokugawa clan

  • Maruni Hidari Sangaimatsu, after Taira Clan Heike actual Hira family

  • Maruni Sumitate Yotsumeyui

  • Marunouchi Mitsuhikiryō

  • Mitsu uroko, three dragon-scales, of Hōjō clan

  • Mitsugumi Tachibana

  • Mitsu Irekomasu, the crest of the Ichikawa family of kabuki actors

  • Musubi Mitsugashiwa (a triquetra)

  • Nakagawake Kurusu (the cross of Nakagawa clan)

  • Sasarindō, the bamboo leaves and gentian flowers crest of the Minamoto clan

  • Sumikirikakuni Hanakaku

  • Tachi Omodaka

  • Hana Wachigai, the device of the Izumo Genji clans(Oki, Enya, Takaoka)

  • Yotsu Hanabishi, the emblem of the Yanagisawa clan, Matsumoto family of kabuki actors

  • Suzugohei

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