Model Rocket

A model rocket, also known as low power rocket, is a small rocket that is commonly advertised as being able to be launched by ages 14 and up, to, in general, low altitudes (usually to around 100–500 m (300–1500 ft) for a 30 g (1 oz.) model) and recovered by a variety of means.

According to the United States National Association of Rocketry (NAR) Safety Code, model rockets are constructed of paper, wood, plastic and other lightweight materials. The code also provides guidelines for motor use, launch site selection, launch methods, launcher placement, recovery system design and deployment and more. Since the early 1960s, a copy of the Model Rocket Safety Code has been provided with most model rocket kits and motors. Despite its inherent association with extremely flammable substances and objects with a pointed tip traveling at high speeds, model rocketry historically has proven to be a very safe hobby and has been credited as a significant source of inspiration for children who eventually become scientists and engineers.

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