• (noun): Annual Eurasian sow thistle with soft spiny leaves and rayed yellow flower heads.
    Synonyms: Sonchus oleraceus
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Large Milkweed Bug - Life Cycle and Biology
... Adults that survived winter mate in May-June, when common milkweed plants have grown enough to provide shelter ... Adults and nymphs feed on milkweed plant juices, seeds and occasionally on other plant juices ... Both nymphs and adults use milkweed as their primary source of food ...
Little Picacho Wilderness Flora - Perennials - Perennials: Common Name
... Desert Ironwood Desert Lavender Fishhook Barrel Cactus Mesquite-(Prosopis ssp) Rush Milkweed Desert Milkweed, Leafless Milkweed Ocotillo Blue Palo Verde ...
Cynanchum Laeve
... Common names include honeyvine, honeyvine milkweed, bluevine milkweed, climbing milkweed, and smooth swallow-wort ... is easily recognized as a member of the Milkweed family by its opposite leave placement, milky sap and distinctive flowers and "milkweed pods." The seeds are wind dispersed and can travel long ... Like many other milkweed species, C ...
List Of Southern LCRV Flora By Region - Sub-regions - Little Picacho Wilderness Flora - Perennials: Common Name
... Ironwood Desert Lavender Mesquite-(Prosopis ssp) Rush Milkweed Desert Milkweed, Leafless Milkweed Ocotillo Blue Palo Verde Rock Hibiscus Smoketree (Psorothamnus) Smokethorn White ...
Sarcostemma Hirtellum
... (=Funastrum hirtellum) (Rambling Milkweed, Hairy milkweed), is a perennial, vine-like plant of mid- to lower-elevation desert regions ... Asclepiadaceae family, and the Sarcostemma genus, the climbing milkweeds ... Hairy milkweed can be an aggressive, opportunistic species, capable of overtaking a suitable sprouting location and killing the plants it grows upon ...

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  • (noun): Any of numerous plants of the genus Asclepias having milky juice and pods that split open releasing seeds with downy tufts.
    Synonyms: silkweed

Famous quotes containing the word milkweed:

    The milkweed brings up to my very door
    The theme of wanton waste in peace and war....
    Robert Frost (1874–1963)