Military Council

Military Council may refer to:

  • Military Council for Justice and Democracy, the supreme political body of Mauritania
  • Military Council of National Salvation, a military dictatorship quasi-government administering Poland during the martial law
  • Revolutionary Military Council, the supreme military authority of Soviet Russia
  • Transitional Military Council, a period in the history of Sudan
  • Military council was an organisational grouping of senior ranking officers in the European armies of the 19th century during operational planning. It also refers to the practice retained in the Red Army until 1947.

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12th Century - Political Events By Year
1103-1104 A church council is convened by King David the Builder in Urbnisi to reorganize the Georgian Orthodox Church. 1120 On January 16, the Council of Nablus, a council of ecclesiastic and secular lords in the crusader Kingdom of Jerusalem, establishes the first written laws for the kingdom. 1121 On August 12, in the Battle of Didgori, the greatest military victory of Georgia, King David the Builder with 40,000 Georgians, 15,000 Kipchak ...
History Of Lesotho - Kingdom of Lesotho
... disorder in Lesotho that eventually led to a military takeover in 1986 ... Under a January 1986 Military Council decree, state executive and legislative powers were transferred to the King who was to act on the advice of the Military Council, a self-appointed group of ... A military government chaired by Justin Lekhanya ruled Lesotho in coordination with King Moshoeshoe II and a civilian cabinet appointed by the King ...
Government Of Egypt - Military Council
2011 resignation of president Hosni Mubarak, Egypt came under the authority of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, commonly referred to as the Military Council ... The council is intended to be transitional, surrendering its state powers to the president following the election in May ... The council has considerable power and, according to at least one source, has unilaterally issued a constitutional declaration giving itself legislative ...
List Of State Leaders In 1985 - Africa
... Head of State - André Kolingba, Chairman of the Military Committee of National Recovery of the Central African Republic (1981–1993) Chad President ... of Sudan (1969–1985) Abdel Rahman Swar al-Dahab, Chairman of the Transitional Military Council of Sudan (1985–1986) Prime Minister - Gaafar Nimeiry ...
Murtala Mohammed - Head of State
... the twenty-five ministerial posts on the new Federal Executive Council went to civilians, but the cabinet was secondary to the executive Supreme Military Council ... Newly appointed military governors of the states were not given seats on the Supreme Military Council, but instead were expected to administer federal ...

Famous quotes containing the words council and/or military:

    Daughter to that good Earl, once President
    Of England’s Council and her Treasury,
    Who lived in both, unstain’d with gold or fee,
    And left them both, more in himself content.

    Till the sad breaking of that Parliament
    Broke him, as that dishonest victory
    At Chaeronea, fatal to liberty,
    Kill’d with report that old man eloquent;—
    John Milton (1608–1674)

    Nothing changes my twenty-six years in the military. I continue to love it and everything it stands for and everything I was able to accomplish in it. To put up a wall against the military because of one regulation would be doing the same thing that the regulation does in terms of negating people.
    Margarethe Cammermeyer (b. 1942)