• (adj): Of or pertaining to or characteristic of the branch of Protestantism adhering to the views of Wesley.
    Example: "Methodist theology"
    Synonyms: Wesleyan
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Methodist Church Of Great Britain - History
... The main Methodist movement outside the Church of England was associated with Howell Harris in Wales ... This was to become The Calvinistic Methodist Church ... Another branch of the Methodist revival was under the ministry of Rev ...
Economy Of South Dakota - Demographics - Religion
... with 121,871 members and the United Methodist Church (UMC) with 37,280 members ... within the broader terms 'Lutheran' and 'Methodist', respectively.) The results of a 2001 survey, in which South Dakotans were asked to identify their religion, include ...
Methodist Church Of Great Britain
... The Methodist Church is the largest Wesleyan Methodist body in the United Kingdom, with congregations across Great Britain (although more limited in Scotland) ... of Man, Malta and Gibraltar also form part of the British Methodist Church ...
William Turner Watkins
... William Turner Watkins was an American Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South (MECS) and of The Methodist Church, elected in 1938 ... He also distinguished himself as a Methodist Pastor, as a University Professor, and as an Editor ...
D. Stanley Coors - Ordained Ministry
... Deacon in the New York East Annual Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church in 1917 ... Coors had a distinguished career in the Methodist ministry in the State of Michigan ... Coors served the Central Methodist Church of Lansing, Michigan for fourteen years (until elected a Bishop) ...

More definitions of "Methodist":

  • (noun): A follower of Wesleyanism as practiced by the Methodist Church.

Famous quotes containing the word methodist:

    Kipling, the grandson of a Methodist preacher, reveals the tin-pot evangelist with increasing clarity as youth and its ribaldries pass away and he falls back upon his fundamentals.
    —H.L. (Henry Lewis)

    When Methodist preachers come down
    A-preaching that drinking is sinful,
    I’ll wager the rascals a crown
    They always preach best with a skinful.
    Oliver Goldsmith (1730?–1774)