• (adj): Of or relating to metamorphosis (especially of rocks).
    Example: "Metamorphic stage"; "marble is a metamorphic rock that takes a high polish"
    Synonyms: metamorphous
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Metamorphic Core Complex - Descriptions
... Coney 1980 stated that they are characterized by a generally heterogeneous, older metamorphic-plutonic basement terrane overprinted by low-dipping lineated and foliated mylonitic ... Between the basement and cover terranes is a decollement and/or steep metamorphic gradient with much brecciation and kinematic structural relationships indicating sliding or detachment ... Lister Davis 1989 Metamorphic core complexes form as the result of major continental extension, when the middle and lower continental crust is dragged out from ...
Foliation (geology) - Formation Mechanisms
... group, is usually a result of prograde metamorphic reactions during deformation ... metamorphism will not form a foliation because unroofing of a metamorphic belt is not accompanied by significant compressive stress ... Alignment of tabular minerals in metamorphic rocks, igneous rocks and intrusive rocks may form a foliation ...
Metamorphic Zone - Concept
... equilibrated can vary laterally through a metamorphic terrane ... The two parameters together determine the metamorphic grade ... The difference in grade between two spots is called the metamorphic gradient ...
Computer Virus - Stealth Infection Strategies - Metamorphic Code
... that utilize this technique are said to be metamorphic ... To enable metamorphism, a metamorphic engine is needed ... A metamorphic virus is usually very large and complex ...
Metamorphic Zone
... In geology, a metamorphic zone is an area where, as a result of metamorphism, the same combination of minerals occurs in the bed rocks ... These zones occur because most metamorphic minerals are only stable in certain intervals of temperature and pressure ...

More definitions of "metamorphic":

  • (adj): Characterized by metamorphosis or change in physical form or substance.