Metallic Dragons

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Silver Dragon
... The following is a list of the metallic dragons, a classification of dragon found in the role playing game Dungeons Dragons ... In this setting metallic dragons are of good alignment ... Bahamut is the deity of good dragons ...
Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) - Dragons in Campaign Settings - Dragonlance Setting
... The Dragonlance novels and campaign setting helped popularize the D D-derived perspective on dragons ... Here the Platinum Dragon is called Paladine, and the Dragon Queen is called Takhisis ... Dragons are divided up into good and evil groups, known as the Metallic Dragons and the Chromatic Dragons, respectively ...
List Of Dragonlance Creatures - Dragons - Metallic Dragons
... According to the Dragonlance Campaign Setting, the metallic dragons serve Paladine until his departure, and the Gods of Good in general ... Brass and Bronze dragons often consort with the neutral gods ... Takhisis uses the eggs to create dragon men called draconians ...
Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons) - Types of Dragons - True Dragons - Metallic Dragons
... Metallic dragons are typically of good alignment ... They are the Brass Dragon, the Bronze Dragon, the Copper Dragon, the Gold Dragon, and the Silver Dragon ... Bahamut is the deity of metallic dragons ...

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    Hermann and Humbert are alike only in the sense that two dragons painted by the same artist at different periods of his life resemble each other. Both are neurotic scoundrels, yet there is a green lane in Paradise where Humbert is permitted to wander at dusk once a year; but Hell shall never parole Hermann.
    Vladimir Nabokov (1899–1977)

    Every civilization when it loses its inner vision and its cleaner energy, falls into a new sort of sordidness, more vast and more stupendous than the old savage sort. An Augean stable of metallic filth.
    —D.H. (David Herbert)