Memory Card

A memory card or flash card is an electronic flash memory data storage device used for storing digital information. They are commonly used in many electronic devices, including digital cameras, mobile phones, laptop computers, MP3 players and video game consoles. They are small, re-recordable, and able to retain data without power.

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... either a built-in hard disk drive, or on a secure digital memory card in MOD format ... When recording to a memory card, the recording time depends only on capacity of the card ... The GZ-MG555 uses full-size SDHC memory cards ...
Memory Card - Video Game Consoles
... Video game consoles use memory cards to hold saved game data ... The Neo Geo AES, released in 1990 by SNK, was the first video game console able to use a memory card ... AES memory cards were also compatible with Neo-Geo MVS arcade cabinets, allowing players to migrate saves between home and arcade systems and vice versa ...
Mi Card
... The miCard (Multiple Interface card) is a type of flash memory card that is compatible with existing USB ports and MMC card slots ... It was announced June 2, 2007, and accepted by the MultiMedia Card Association (MMCA) as a global flash memory card standard, to work with the majority of electronic devices ... C-One Technology, DBTel, Power Digital Card Co ...
Animal Forest - Gameplay - Traveling
... This system requires an additional memory card with Animal Crossing game data, and three blocks of memory to save "travel data" ... This saves "travel data" on the other memory card ... Depending upon how many memory cards a player or their friends own, there can be many other villages to see and different items to find ...
AVCHD - Media - Solid-state Memory Card
... Many AVCHD camcorders employ Secure Digital or "Memory Stick" memory cards as removable recording media ... Solid-state memory cards offer rewritable storage in a compact form factor with no moving parts ... for most brands, it takes about 1 minute to transfer 1 GB of video from a card to a computer for viewing and/or editing ...

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