Memewar (pronounced "memoir") is a free, self-funded magazine from Vancouver, British Columbia.

Categorized as a multidisciplinary magazine (but often labelled as a literary magazine due its literary edge), Memewar features work from many different genres (including poetry, prose, art, photography, essays, comics, etc.) and disciplines (science, literature, history, etc.)

Memewar's mission statement claims that "Memewar is interdisciplinary. Both a "meme war," a clash of ideas, and a "memoir," a recording of history, Memewar offers an inclusive space where diverse communities come together and interact. Each issue is intended to promote dialogue through a variety of genres and perspectives." The title for the magazine comes from Kalle Lasn's Culture Jam, which describes the "meme" war ("meme" being a term to describe any particular facet of culture, such as a cultural tradition, institution or idea) as a battle of subconscious writing of brand names to control the mass media. Essentially, a war of ideas.

Due to their concern for environmental sustainability, Memewar prints only on recycled paper and provides each issue online in PDF form.

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