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Nebraska Highway 23 - Route Description
... through farmland towards Grant, where it meets Nebraska Highway 61 ... Near Wallace, NE 23 meets Nebraska Highway 25 ... It continues east and near Wellfleet, meets U.S ...
Singapore Gay Theatre - 2005 - Boxing Cabaret
... the world with her gender change invited the audience into her colourful world where strength meets beauty, fight meets dance and heart meets mind ...
Intermediate Math League Of Eastern Massachusetts - Meets
... IMLEM has five meets every year, one in October, November, January, February, and March ... For the first three meets, no calculators or external aids of any sort are allowed for any round ... However, for the last two meets, calculators without programming or graphing capabilities, and without a QWERTY keyboard, are allowed for all rounds ...
Jukti Takko Aar Gappo - Synopsis
... his home, he wanders through the countryside and meets unusual folks along the way ... He meets Bongobala, who is driven away from Bangladesh and does not have any shelter in Kolkata, he gives her shelter ... He meets Jagannath Bhattacharjee, a village school teacher of Sanskrit ...
Nebraska Highway 25 - Route Description
... In Trenton, NE 25 meets U.S ... It continues north for 8 miles (13 km), where it meets U.S ... The highway then turns due north and meets Nebraska Highway 23 near Wallace ...

Famous quotes containing the word meets:

    The back meets the front.
    Hawaiian saying no. 2650, ‘lelo No’Eau, collected, translated, and annotated by Mary Kawena Pukui, Bishop Museum Press, Hawaii (1983)

    As for an authentic villain, the real thing, the absolute, the artist, one rarely meets him even once in a lifetime. The ordinary bad hat is always in part a decent fellow.
    Colette [Sidonie Gabrielle Colette] (1873–1954)

    Water. Its sunny track in the plain; its splashing in the garden canal, the sound it makes when in its course it meets the mane of the grass; the diluted reflection of the sky together with the fleeting sight of the reeds; the Negresses fill their dripping gourds and their red clay containers; the song of the washerwomen; the gorged fields the tall crops ripening.
    Jacques Roumain (1907–1945)