Maximum PC - Notable Features

Notable Features

  • How To - short, technical instructions on modifying computer components.
  • Ask the Doctor - advice for fixing computer-related problems.
  • R&D - a look into the inner workings of commonly used hardware today.
  • In the Lab - a behind-the-scenes look at Maximum PC testing. This section often includes humorous features sometimes involving "torturing" interns.
  • Softy Awards - a yearly roundup of the staff's favorite new software (mostly utilities)
  • Autopsy - a diagram of the innards of various devices, such as a printer, a camera, etc.
  • Comments - reader mail and questions
  • Dream Machine - an annual attempt to build the best-performing PC on the market, using the best components and techniques available.
  • Lean Machine - a feature showcasing the best computer possible for that year with a price tag of about $1,500.
  • Geek Quiz - an annual computer/technology quiz that claims it will have even the most hardcore geeks grinding their teeth.
  • Gear of the Year - a review of the best PC parts for the current year.
  • The List - a list listing and describing top items in a given subject.

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