Matching may refer to:

  • Matching, Essex, England
    • Matching Green
    • Matching Tye
  • Matching (graph theory), in graph theory, a set of edges without common vertices
  • Matching (statistics), a technique for reducing bias when analyzing data from observational studies
  • Matching gift
  • Matching principle, an accounting method
  • Matching theory (macroeconomics) the assigning of job candidates to vacancies
  • Matching, the process of allocating medical graduates to internship programs
  • Matchmaking, the process of introducing people for the purpose of marriage
  • Impedance matching, in electronics, attempting to make the output impedance of a source equal to the input impedance of the load to which it is ultimately connected
  • Pattern matching, in computer science, a way to recognize patterns in strings
  • String matching algorithm, in computer science, another simpler way to recognize patterns in strings
  • Matching, in finance, the matching process associates the two sides of a trade coming from two couterparties that negotiated an over-the-counter operation. Both sides have opposite directions: if A is buying a financial instrument from B, it is because B sold it. Matching trades is a necessary practice that reduces risk for settlement or delivery. Matching is the basic operation for clearing.

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Semantic Matching
... Semantic matching is a technique used in Computer Science to identify information which is semantically related ... database or XML schemas and ontologies, matching is an operator which identifies those nodes in the two structures which semantically correspond to one another ... S-Match is a good example of semantic matching operator ...
Matching Green - External Links
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Sparse Approximation - Algorithms - Matching Pursuit
... Matching pursuit is a greedy iterative algorithm for approximatively solving the original pseudo-norm problem ... Matching pursuit works by finding a basis vector in that maximizes the correlation with the residual (initialized to ), and then recomputing the residual and coefficients by projecting the residual on ... Matching pursuit suffers from the drawback that an atom can be picked multiple times which is addressed in orthogonal matching pursuit ...
Skew-symmetric Graph - Matching
... In constructing matchings in undirected graphs, it is important to find alternating paths, paths of vertices that start and end at unmatched vertices, in ... By removing the matched edges of such a path from a matching, and adding the unmatched edges, one can increase the size of the matching ... Similarly, cycles that alternate between matched and unmatched edges are of importance in weighted matching problems ...
Share Incentive Plan - Matching Shares
... The company can give employees up to 2 Matching Shares for each Partnership Share they buy ... To receive their allocation of Matching Shares the employee remain employed with the company for a period of between a minimum of 3 years and a ... An employee can normally only take their Matching Shares out of the SIP in the 3 year period from the date of award if they leave the company ...