Masterson may refer to:


  • Bat Masterson, gunfighter, lawman, sports writer
  • Chase Masterson, actor
  • Christopher Masterson, actor
  • Danny Masterson, actor, older brother of Christopher Masterson
  • Fay Masterson, actress
  • Guy Masterson, film director
  • James F. Masterson, American psychiatrist
  • Justin Masterson, American baseball player
  • Kelly Masterson, screenwriter.
  • Kleber S. Masterson, Vice Admiral U.S. Navy
  • Mary Stuart Masterson, actor
  • Michael M. Masterson, Chairman and CEO, Sammons Financial Group
  • Paul Masterson, music producer
  • Robert Benjamin (Ben) Masterson (1853-1931), cattleman
  • Thomas G. Masterson (c. 1813–1884), attorney and businessman
  • Valerie Masterson English opera singer
  • Wally Masterson, baseball pitcher
  • Wayne Masterson, British scientist


  • United States:
    • Masterson, community, Carson County, Texas (35°24′40″N 101°37′10″W / 35.41111°N 101.61944°W / 35.41111; -101.61944)
    • Masterson, community, Moore County, Texas (35°38′09″N 101°57′36″W / 35.63583°N 101.96°W / 35.63583; -101.96)
    • Masterson Lake, reservoir, Tyler County, Texas (30°41′02″N 94°23′15″W / 30.68389°N 94.3875°W / 30.68389; -94.3875)
    • Masterson Lake Dam, dam, Tyler County, Texas (30°41′00″N 94°23′12″W / 30.6833333°N 94.38667°W / 30.6833333; -94.38667)
    • Masterson Mill, community, Lawrence County, Alabama (34°32′19″N 87°17′00″W / 34.53861°N 87.2833333°W / 34.53861; -87.2833333)
    • Masterson Mill Lake Dam, dam, Lawrence County, Alabama (34°32′42″N 87°16′12″W / 34.545°N 87.27°W / 34.545; -87.27)
    • Masterson Oil Field, oilfield, Pecos County, Texas (31°07′49″N 102°37′53″W / 31.13028°N 102.63139°W / 31.13028; -102.63139)
    • Mastersonville, community, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (40°11′48″N 76°29′13″W / 40.19667°N 76.48694°W / 40.19667; -76.48694)
    • The Masterson Institute For Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, New York City


  • Winifred Masterson Burke and the Winifred Masterson Burke Medical Research Institute

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