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Chapel-en-le-Frith - Church of St Thomas Becket
... churchyard are soldiers of the Scottish army of the Duke of Hamilton who marched south in support of Charles I in 1648 ... After their defeat at Preston, they were marched to Chapel and imprisoned in the church for sixteen days in such squalid conditions that forty died a further ...
Darwin French - Poem
... Long had we marched through the heat and the rain Crossed the great rivers that swept through the plain Encountered the mountains that stood in our way, And passed through the ... mountains of granite, and rivers of sand, Marched through deep passes and narrow defiles, ‘Till we came to the valley of sun light and smiles,— Here our flag we raised high for the breezes were ... loud through the air,, The American troops in full conquest were there And we marched through the streets of that time honored place, And seized the ...
Barton S. Alexander - Civil War
... On May 24, 1861, he was among several hundred engineers who marched into Virginia to begin building fortifications to protect Washington, D.C ... In July 1861, the force that had marched into northern Virginia on May 24 found itself opposed by a large Confederate States Army force that had marched up from the south ...
Abdullah Ibn Aamir - Re-conquest of Khorasan
... Abdullah ibn Aamir marched with large force from Busra to Khorasan ... After Bayak, the Muslims marched towards Tabisan, which was captured with little resistance ... The Muslims then marched towards Herat in Afghanistan, which surrendered to Muslims peacefully ...
Slattery's Mounted Foot - Lyrics
... When going into action held each musket by the butt, We sang this song and marched along, the Slattery's mounted Fut ... must be settled for before the drink is served." So on we marched, but soon again each warrior's heart grew pale, For rising high in front of us we ... each musket by the butt We sang the song and marched along, the Slattery's mounted fut." "We'll cross the ditch," our leader cried, "and take the forward flank" But yells of consternation here ...

Famous quotes containing the word marched:

    How long she stayed I cannot tell;
    But when she felt this perfidy,
    She marched across the floor of hell;
    And all the damned stood up to see.
    John Davidson (1857–1909)

    I marched in with the men afoot; a gallant show they made as they marched up High Street to the depot. Lucy and Mother Webb remained several hours until we left. I saw them watching me as I stood on the platform at the rear of the last car as long as they could see me. Their eyes swam. I kept my emotion under control enough not to melt into tears.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)

    Nearly all the bands are mustered out of service; ours therefore is a novelty. We marched a few miles yesterday on a road where troops have not before marched. It was funny to see the children. I saw our boys running after the music in many a group of clean, bright-looking, excited little fellows.
    Rutherford Birchard Hayes (1822–1893)