Malaysia–Vietnam Border - Joint Development Area

Joint Development Area

The overlapping claim area of the continental shelf was designated as a joint development area by the two countries where all fossil fuel resources in the area is shared between Malaysia and Vietnam. The joint development area was created through the Memorandum of Understanding between Malaysia and the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for the Exploration and Exploitation of Petroleum in a Defined Area of the Continental Shelf involving the Two Countries on 5 June 1992.

The defined area, which is also known as Block PM-3 CAA (Commercial Arrangement Area), is about 1,350 km square. Oil production began in 1997 from the Bunga Kekwa field.

Point Longtitude (E) Latitude (N) Remarks
Boundary coordinates of the Malaysia-Vietnam joint development area
A 103° 42'.5 7° 22' Same as Point D of the border of the Malaysia-Thailand joint development area.
B 103° 39' 7° 20'
C 103° 35'.71 7° 18'.31
D 103° 52' 7° 3'
E 105° 49'.2 6° 5'.8 Same as Point 41 in the 1979 Malaysia map. Also Point 25 (northern terminus) of the South China Sea (Sarawak) portion of the Indonesia-Malaysia continental shelf border.
F 104° 30' 6° 48'.25 Same as Point 42 in the 1979 Malaysia map. The border then returns to Point A.

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