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Bloor-Danforth - Stations - Designs
... colour background and trim theme and use the unique Toronto Subway Font on the stations' walls ... This design consists of two colours for the tiles, one for main wall tiles and another for trim tiles near the ceiling of the stations ... The station names on the main wall tiles use the colour of the trim tiles and vice versa, except that some of the station names of the trim tiles are ...
Walls Of Constantinople - Land Walls - Theodosian Walls - Construction
... The Theodosian Walls consist of the main inner wall (μέγα τείχος, mega teichos, "great wall"), separated from the lower outer wall ... Between the outer wall and the moat (σοῦδα, souda) there stretched an outer terrace, the parateichion (τὸ ἔξω παρατείχιον), while ... possible through posterns on the sides of the walls' towers ...
Danevirke - Archaeological Record
... excavations in 1969–75 established, with the help of dendrochronology, that the main structure of the Danevirke had been built in three phases between AD 737 and 968 ... Andersen found that in an early stage the main "wall" consisted of a ditch between two low embankments ... The historian argued that the Kograben (Danish Kovirke) south of the main wall consists of an embankment accompanied by a ditch on its northern side, which would have been counterproductive for a ...
278th Armored Cavalry Regiment - History - World War II
30th (US) Infantry Division, it checked a German counterattack along the main Hauts-Vents Highway 11 July 1944 and Pont Hebert fell after protracted fighting 14 July 1944 ... VII (US) Corps made the main effort along the St ... The situation became critical at dawn when the main body of the Germans attacked in a thick fog and overran two company roadblocks ...

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    Last night you wrote on the wall: Revolution is poetry.
    Today you needn’t write; the wall has tumbled down.
    Adrienne Rich (b. 1929)

    I could live without acting.... Acting is a gift I’ve received. And I’m grateful for it and I enjoy it. But it’s not the main point of my life. It never was.
    Jeanne Moreau (b. 1928)