LMB as an abbreviation may stand for:

  • Laboratory of Molecular Biology, a research institute in Cambridge, England
  • Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, the Mexican Baseball League
  • Left Mouse Button on a mouse (computing)
  • La Martiniere College for Boys, Kolkata
  • Lois McMaster Bujold, science fiction and fantasy author
  • Line Mode Browser, the first multi-platform web browser
  • Leptomycin B, an inhibitor of protein export from the cell nucleus

Other articles related to "lmb":

11 Luchtmobiele Brigade - Function
... The 11 LMB is a highly disciplined, light infantry, rapid reaction force ... of its soldiers, the brigade is airborne qualified, the men of 11 LMB operators wear the maroon beret. 11 LMB soldiers can be deployed by helicopter (fast-rope and rappelling) and fixed-wing aircraft (parachute) ...
Rojos Del Águila De Veracruz - Titles - 2012
... Rojos del Águila in their windows presumed Zaachila Cup trophy LMB champion ... On Friday August 31 of 2012 and the culmination of the great season of Red Eagle, LMB champions 2012, were received by Governor Javier Duarte de Ochoa, later toured the port's main boulevard to thank ... Duarte gave a reception to the new kings of the LMB in the Hall of Flags ...
Leslie Ballamy - History
... The backbone of LMB Components’ business was this suspension system which they later complemented by offering a softer spring and panhard rod combination for the live rear axle ... LMB’s suspension, engine and transmission conversions became a passport to success only on race tracks, hill-climbs and trials venues and even proved popular with some of Britain ... Mated to his chassis, he sold the stylish coupe as the LMB Debonair ...
Laboratory Of Molecular Biology - Administrative Structure
... The early success of the LMB was in no small way helped by the simple administrative environment ... From outside the LMB, the parent MRC ensured that the triennial assessment had a light touch only a brief explanation of past achievements and an indication of where future plans lay were ... Within the LMB, Perutz’s criterion of how to arrange things was that the act of doing science should be facilitated at all levels ...
Laboratory Of Molecular Biology
... The MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology (or LMB) is a research institute in Cambridge, England, which was at the forefront of the revolution in molecular biology which occurred in the 1950 ... Scientific biographies of three former LMB staff are currently being written John Kendrew by Paul Wassarman, Aaron Klug by Kenneth Holmes, and Frederick Sanger by George Brownlee ... Other ex-LMB staff recently the subject of scientific biographies include Sydney Brenner by Errol Friedberg, Francis Crick by Robert Olby, and Max Perutz by Georgina Ferry ...