LLM01 - Operation Modes

Operation Modes

The LLM01 offers the following "lighting and/or sighting" options:

  • White light flashlight, bright, 6 V, light comparable with a SureFire flashlight with 2 batteries;
  • Non eye-safe laser sight, the visibility depends on the environmental light conditions, suited for quick shots. At dusk the red laser dot is visible just over 150 m;
  • Infrared (IR) laser, visible only when LUCIE (part of Germany's IdZ modernization program) or another infrared night vision device is used, unless the enemy has IR night vision equipment the IR laser will not reveal the presence of the LLM01 IR light beam;
  • Infrared target illuminator, the IR illuminator has a maximum range of up to 10 m;
  • Combinations of white light flashlight and laser red dot and IR laser and IR target illuminator, appropriate for simultaneous lighting and aim point determination.

The LLM01 is operated at the top of the module using a labelled rotary selector switch to switch the device on or off and select various lighting options. The device activation can alternately be performed by a pressure switch connected by cable to the LLM01 device, which can be attached at various positions on the G36 assault rifle or other firearm.

Both laser markers can be adjusted independently in azimuth and elevation for adapting them to the firearm to which the LLM01 is fastened. The LLM01 is waterproof up to 20 m.

The German Army has started to field an upgraded variant of their basic G36 rifle variant, which has been allocated the in-service designation G36A2. The G36A2 upgrade kit consists amongst other features of a new handguard with three Picatinny rails and a handgrip with an integrated switch for operating the LLM01 laser light module.

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